Opus Imprints

At Opus Imprints, our mission is simple: to provide unwavering support for composers and their lasting legacies.

Who We Are

Opus Imprints is a small, dedicated team of two with a passion for music and a commitment to preserving the timeless artistry of composers:

  • Andrew Paulus: As the son of the late composer Stephen Paulus, Andrew is deeply rooted in the world of classical music. His background in technology and project management provides a solid foundation for our approach to music publishing in the digital age.
  • Zack Pentecost: Zack's expertise centers on music and music technology. With an understanding of both the creative and technical elements of music, he brings a perfect balance to our team.

Our Journey

For nearly a decade, We have worked together on Paulus Publications, the publishing company dedicated to Stephen Paulus. Drawing from this experience and a shared vision, we are now expanding our reach to assist more composers and their families.

Our Mission

At Opus Imprints, we are here to ensure that a composer's music is not only enjoyed, but also preserved in the digital era. We understand the challenges faced by composers and their families in today's ever-evolving classical music landscape, and we're here to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate it successfully.

What We Offer

Outside of publishing and digital sales, Opus Imprints offers a wide range of services to assist composers, including effective performance reporting, collection of streaming royalties, assistance navigating the digital landscape, assisting composers' families in legacy management, archival services, and much more.

We're continually inspired by working with composers who put their heart and passion into notes on the page every day. As we love to remember, all music was once new so we'd love to work together. -- Andrew and Zack